Jennifer Osterholt

Hi there! I'm a farm girl with a passion for supporting agriculture. My background is in marketing and I enjoy helping farmers connect with the public. I'm a strategic marketing consultant, speaker, and influencer.  


Let's Work Together

Anyone who knows Jennifer knows that promoting farms and farmers is more than a profession, it’s a passion.  Jennifer is the team lead and she has spent much of her career investing dollars on behalf of farmers. Since several members of her family pay into a variety of check-off programs and work with many agricultural businesses and cooperatives, she understands the value of a dollar and is committed to investing time and money wisely.  

Digital Strategy

We can help ensure that your brand, messages and/or products are found online.  Our team can help you develop and implement a strategy for your business to build or grow your online presence.  After learning about your goals we will help lay out a plan to fit your budget and time constraints. Our team has strong experience in social media, website development, influencer programs and traditional ad buying.

Working with Influencers

As marketing continues to evolve, working with a team of influencers may likely be one of your most effective strategies.  Resources are limited, and it can be tricky to keep up on all of the latest and greatest outreach options. Jennifer has first hand experience as an active influencer, with a strong network of influencer contacts, as well as a solid understanding of how to and how not to approach influencers.  Our team can outline a strategy, identify and connect your business with influencers and help execute a plan that yields return on your investment.

Virtual Farm Tours

Many farmers understand the need to be more transparent and better connect with people living off the farm, but time is so limited.  Jennifer has had tremendous success helping connect a wide variety of groups and farmers via live video chat. We know the keys to an engaging and memorable farm tour that is an efficient use of time and resources because farmers don’t have to leave the farm and the visitors don’t have to leave their office, meeting room or classroom.  Let us help train your team and outline a plan to implement virtual tours to save resources for your business.

Blog Content Creation & Promotion

Do you find yourself answering the same questions over and over?  Are your core messages searchable and easy to find for prospective customers and employees?  Is your story available online? Let our team help you put this important information into a blog.  We can also ghost write content and create graphics to make the information easier to find on social channels.  We will optimize all content so that it will be found online.

Social Media Consulting

There’s so much that we want people to know, but people will only hear when we deliver the information in a meaningful way that matters to their life.  Jennifer understands that typical key messages aren’t seen online without a good deal of thought, finesse and two way conversations. Let our team help choose which social channels can make the biggest impact for your business, create content and train your team on how to be effective online.

Speaking Engagements

Jennifer Osterholt is pleased to offer the following breakout or workshop presentation topics:

Becoming An Influencer

  • Learn how to monetize digital efforts while promoting agriculture or your business

  • Learn how to deliver value for brands while earning free experiences, tickets, items and meals for you and your family

  • Jennifer will share how securing an ad network on her blog has opened up new potential for her family and share steps and encouragement to help make others aware of these opportunities

    Farming in a Digital Media Age

  • Discuss how a farmer with a full schedule can make a difference in only 15 minutes per week

  • Learn about social mediums from Facebook and Instagram to Quora and Reddit and discuss how to use social media to offer value to users

  • Learn how to set goals to make an impact when logging onto social media

  • Discuss how to successfully overcome obstacles that stand in the way of getting more involved on social

    Brand and Influencer Relationships

  • How can agriculture benefit from working with influencers

  • Potential outcomes from strong relationships

  • Review opportunities for agriculture groups to work with influencers

How to Do Virtual Farm Tours

  • How to find and train farmers to communicate via live video chat

  • What technology is needed

  • What opportunities exist

Life Interrupted

  • A personal story of how to follow your heart and make an impact in agriculture through difficult personal loss and struggle

  • How to avoid or overcome burnout in challenging situations

Other Presentations Jennifer Has Given

  • How to Reach Consumers Online

  • How to Drive Website Traffic from Pinterest

  • How to Maximize Influencer Programs

  • Meal Prep For a Family Farm

  • How to Reach People with Agriculture Advocacy and Get Paid Exposure Opportunities

  • Staff Social Media Training & Digital Strategy Update

  • Board Member Professional Development

*Jennifer can also provide customized and strategic presentations.  

Work with

We do sponsored social and blog posts as well as video posts and Facebook live broadcasts.  Please share your partnership ideas and we’ll share a rate sheet. We are also open to brand ambassador opportunities.  Please inquire for a media kit.



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Jennifer’s passion for agriculture in general and farmers specifically coupled with her skill in getting farmers to tell their stories makes her unique. I was able to be part of an audience that took a virtual farm tour and visited with some farmers. The audience members were clearly engaged and left with a newfound appreciation for the farmers and their dedication to their animals!
— Jan Archer, Archer Consulting
I’ve worked with Jen for nearly two years on a commodity influencer program and she’s been fantastic. She’s super attentive and open to new ideas and always thinking five steps ahead. She keeps the brand goals in mind and adjusts nimbly whenever needed. Jen is also a great communicator and made my job very easy to do! I would highly recommend Jen in a consultative or strategy role - especially in the world of agriculture - she knows her stuff!
— Heather Johnson, Director of Marketing & Operations at TREMOR | Social Influencer at
As social media became influential in food and agriculture, Jennifer not only jumped in with both feet, but she did it in ways that would create incredible returns on investments for the Ohio hog farmers she worked for and alongside. She has built knowledge and relationships that provide a depth of insight that is not common. Her passion and creativity is matched with a detail-orientation to the work that allows for program success to be replicated and built upon. She’s a great resource for those of us in agriculture trying to close the gap between us and consumers.
— Janice Person, Network Builder/Activator | Creative Thinker | Speaker | Lover of Agriculture
Jennifer is a gifted writer who loves communicating with others about the world of agriculture. Energy and enthusiasm are her gifts. She can put her good ideas into action, too!
— Jeanne Gogolski, Partner at Education Projects & Partnerships, LLC
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